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As a system supplier providing a full range of products from one source, SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik offers lasting added valued. Decades of engineering experience and in-house production set us apart from mere distributors, making us a competent and reliable partner for overcoming all industrial engineering challenges and for projects of any size. We have the know-how and market knowledge required to provide our customers with effective support through comprehensive consulting services, the development of outstanding products and maximum precision in production. Aside from cost effectiveness, we focus on environmental compatibility and sustainability. As a modern industry partner with a secure future, we offer technical know-how and innovativeness combined with products and services that meet market needs, high production capacities, tailor-made service and a high level of environmental awareness.

VIGOT a brand of the Schauenburg Industrietechnik

VIGOT Industrietechnik is one of the leading assemblers and manufacturers of ready-to-install hosepipes in Germany. The company offers products and services in the fields of hydraulic systems, industrial requirements and retractor technology – and it operates globally. Clients include companies engaged in the market segments of shipbuilding, aeronautics and space travel, chemicals and foodstuffs industry, steel factories, defence technology as well as railway technology and the automotive sector. The company, rich in tradition, can look back on almost 150 years of corporate chronicles and belongs to the Schauenburg Group of companies at present.

VIGOT's product portfolio includes the entire field of assembly in hosepipes based on thermoplastics, elastomers or metal. This includes fire-proof hosepipes as well as hydraulic hosepipe systems, metallic hosepipes and hosepipe solutions for the offshore and inshore segments. Apart from length-based hosepipe goods, the company also supplies hosepipes as a component ready to install – which often calls for high-quality refinement or sophistication of the length-based hosepipe goods and the fittings.

07115 101 teaser Hittebestendige beschermslangVIGOT has been approved as the authorised single assembler of various classification companies. These include Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd´s Register, De Norske Veritas, ABS and Rina. VIGOT is authorised to manufacturer hosepipes in its own name, issue certificates and to supply to customers, which means that there is no longer any need for separate acceptance by a visitor onsite. This is supplemented by approvals issued by the Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) and by the Railway Transportation systems. Certification in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 supervisory quality management system reassures the customers.

Even if VIGOT is present in the market as a dealer, the company develops products of its own regularly – in the course of which, it often falls back on the technical competence available within the Schauenburg Group of companies and also cooperates with specialist companies at home and abroad. Examples of these are the Maximall S 2000 hosepipe system or the fire-proof hosepipes made by VIGOT.

The Maximall S 2000 hosepipe system has been developed as a flame-resistant hosepipe system for applications in marine engineering. It is deployed in the filling and supply sections of the ship.

The fire-proof hosepipes provide a protective cover for hosepipes and cables to safeguard them from the impact of fire externally. They consist of a mineral base material with special impregnation. On account of the fabric density, the wall thickness of the base material and the coating thickness, the fire-proof hosepipes can withstand extreme temperatures for short periods of time. This is supplemented with a high level of puncture strength. Apart from hosepipes that are mounted during assembly, the customer also has a choice of products for retrofitting or subsequent assembly.

Vigot F88 teaser Пожарозащитный рукав

Hosepipes and hosepipe systems form the core competence of VIGOT. Moreover, the product portfolio of the company also covers neighbouring product fields. This encompasses, for example, dry and hydraulic couplings as well as filter elements and fastening techniques. The company has also developed its own products beyond the hosepipe segment. An example of this is the VMC load-bearing rail system that facilitates laying hydraulic hosepipes, pipes, cables and sprinkler systems.

VIGOT today contributes significantly to the technical optimisation with the use of hosepipes based on almost 150 years of tradition and experience in this field. In the process, products have come into being that represent market-oriented, ecological and technically mature solutions particularly with respect to quality, reliability and safety and reliability.

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Managing Directors: Hans-Peter Niederwald CEO, Lars Blatt CSO, Ralf Winter COO

Welcome to the future!

From June 1st, 2020 VIGOT Industrietechnik fire sleeve will operate under the name SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik GmbH. By merging our core businesses, we are expanding and strengthening our position on the global market. For you this means even more reliability and efficiency in our industrial partnership.

Together we form a dynamic group of companies that comprehensively meets the growing demands on your industry. We look forward to the changes in the industry with confidence and determination, for your and our success.

Accompany us in a new era of our company history! Your current contact persons will continue to be available for you! Our dedicated team will be pleased to inform you personally.

Further information about SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik, the brands VIGOT® Hose technology and bpt Bayerische Profiltechnik® can be found on our website.

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