Special Model: Strips and Pads

Strips and pads cut to measure with a width of up to 950 mm and a length of up to 50 m are available. These formats are perfect for special applications such as welding curtains or cable ducts. By fastening the ready-made pads, you can coat almost any desired diameter. Moreover, securing straps with Velcro, snap, hook-and-loop and spherical head fasteners can ensure correct fitting to any application, e.g., cable ducts or very large pipe ­diameters. Fire sleeves can be connected to the ­fittings on hoses or cables by wrapping thin self-welding silicone tape several times around the sleeves. Make sure that the edges overlap enough.

Model  F88 SC · Pads:
Up to 950 mm wide


Model F88 SC · Strips:
Up to 50 meters long

Model F88 SC · Tape:

Model  F88 SC · Tape:
Self-welding: In the application