Fire sleeve F88 SC

The extruded fire sleeve with silicone coating, high resistance and material density. Standard colour red, also in other colour coding.

F88 SC technical data

Nominal width: DN12 to DN100,
from DN30 also with DK, DV, KV or KK
Weight: 4.9 kg/m2

Temperature Range
continuous temperature: -60 to +300 °C
short-term with fire exposure up to 1200 °C
short-term partial overheating up to 1600 °C

Available lengths: 25 m, standard DN65 and over, 5 m
Backing material: ISO 2078 mineral fibre
Thickness: 3.5 - 4.0 mm
Coating: Silicone - ISO 1629 MVQ/VMQ
REACH: complies

Key characteristics
· excellent mechanical protection
· halogen-free flame protection
· free of softeners
· free of heavy metals
· REACH-compliant
· Puncture strength DIN EN 60684 >10kv


DIN EN 45545-2 R22/R23-HL3
ISO 15540:2016
Type Approval DNV-GL
certified to IP54 protection class*

*in combination with original SB-IT fittings; on request

Colour coding

F88 SC coatings come in many colours. They are used to facilitate the identification of the flow medium.
At VIGOT® we use blue and yellow for water and gas, respectively.


Alongside VIGOT® F88 SC, F88 SC Flex and F88 VIGOSIL fire sleeves that can be applied or slipped on when fitting hoses or wire harnesses, there are also products for retrofitting. The base material is the same as the F88 SC with various fastening options.

For all four versions, the fastener is lined with special coated Kevlar® strips, providing additional protection of the edges along the entire length of the cut surface. In DK, DV and KK metal fasteners, thermal bridging is also prevented.

For practical purposes, it is essential to know whether the application is either static or dynamic.

Certifications F88 SC Model KV

DIN EN 45545-2:2020 R22/R23-HL3 

F88 SC Model KV
Velcro fastener

  • flame retardant
  • DIN 75200 / ISO 3795
  • Kevlar® strips type KV290 as edge protection

F88 SC Model DV
Hook-and-loop fastener

  • Hook-and-loop fastener made of stainless steel or brass, nickel-plated, dimensions 22 x 13 mm
  • Kevlar® strips type KV290 as edge protection

F88 SC Model KK
Spherical head fastener

  • Spherical head made of brass, nickel-plated, dimensions 20 mm diameter, height 10 mm
  • Kevlar® strips type KV290 as edge protection

F88 SC Model DK
Snap fastener

  • Snap fastener made of brass, nickel-plated, dimensions 15 mm diameter
  • Kevlar® strips type KV290 as edge protection