10025 042 Manguera contra incendios

F 88 SC: Materials

VIGOT fire sleeves are made of a mineral backing material with a special impregnated coating. This heat protection mesh is harmless and fully meets the requirements of health and safety regulations. The special coating is self-extinguishing and does not contain halogenated flameproof substances.
The coatings are resistant to oil and solvents. They have top mechanical resistance as well as good wear resistance.
Thanks to the extraordinary thickness of the mesh, backing material and coating, the sleeves can reach extremely high levels of short-term resistance to high temperatures, puncturing and heat transfer.


Tests and certifications

The materials and products have been submitted to the following tests and received the following certifications:

Type test by the Germanischer Lloyd classification society as per DIN EN ISO 15540 and
DIN EN45545-2:2013 on the functional integrity of the product to be protected at 800°C for over 30 min.
(flame test). Continual temperature of +200°C in drying furnace with subsequent functional
integrity for the product to be protected.

Railway vehicles · DIN 5510-2 and DIN EN45545-2:2013

Tests with cables · DIN EN 60332-1-2 and DIN 5510-2 Tab. 6

Test results for test as per DIN5510-2 and DIN EN45545-2:2013
• Flammability class: S-3/S-4
• Smoke emission class: SR-2
• Drop-forming class: ST-2
• Fume toxicity: FED < 0,01/15 Min. - 0,01/30 Min.

Application areas on land


10039 Land Feuerschutzschlauch

In manufacturing · In foundries and steel mills · In vehicle manufacturing

Application areas at sea


10039 Water Vigot F88

Connections from land to sea · On high seas · In marine engineering

Airborne application areas


10039 Air Fire Sleeve

In military aviation · In space · In satellite technology

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Managing Directors: Hans-Peter Niederwald CEO, Lars Blatt CSO, Ralf Winter COO

Welcome to the future!

From June 1st, 2020 VIGOT Industrietechnik fire sleeve will operate under the name SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik GmbH. By merging our core businesses, we are expanding and strengthening our position on the global market. For you this means even more reliability and efficiency in our industrial partnership.

Together we form a dynamic group of companies that comprehensively meets the growing demands on your industry. We look forward to the changes in the industry with confidence and determination, for your and our success.

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