VIGOT fire sleeves are the result of more than 30 years experience in the manufacturing of fireproof insulating materials. They protect the functional stability of hoses or cables carrying fluids or energy in case of fire. At high ambient temperatures of over 120°C they extend the service life of rubber and plastic hoses or cables by several times and protect them against early deterioration and failure. The wide range of applications stretches from scientific research to applied technology, from the chemical industry, power supply sector, through heavy industry, to the car industry and shipbuilding. VIGOT fire sleeves are also used on railway vehicles as well as in the aerospace industry. They are used for workplace safety to prevent injuries caused by pipes and hoses delivering hot fluids.

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Managing Directors: Hans-Peter Niederwald CEO, Lars Blatt CSO, Ralf Winter COO

Welcome to the future!

From June 1st, 2020 VIGOT Industrietechnik fire sleeve will operate under the name SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik GmbH. By merging our core businesses, we are expanding and strengthening our position on the global market. For you this means even more reliability and efficiency in our industrial partnership.

Together we form a dynamic group of companies that comprehensively meets the growing demands on your industry. We look forward to the changes in the industry with confidence and determination, for your and our success.

Accompany us in a new era of our company history! Your current contact persons will continue to be available for you! Our dedicated team will be pleased to inform you personally.

Further information about SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik, the brands VIGOT® Hose technology and bpt Bayerische Profiltechnik® can be found on our website.

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