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Your strips or tapes. Please determine the diameter and length.
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Product enquiry instruction f88


09137 043 F88 SC 372px

Typ F88 SC

10079 011 F88 SC Flex

Typ F88 SC Flex

13008 112 Vigosil 372px


09137 050 F88 SC KV

Typ F88 SC · Modell KV

09137 044 F88 SC DV

Typ F88 SC · Modell DV

11164 0039 F88 SC KK

Typ F88 SC · Modell KK

09137 048 F88 SC DK

Typ F88 SC · Modell DK

09137 071 matten-baender

Model F88 SC Strips / Pads

09137 059 F88 SC Verbindungen

Model F88 SC Connections

11165 001 Armaturen

Fittings for SC / SCFlex

Nominal size/width:

Please select one of the nominal sizes / widths.

Product number:

Using your selection, we have identified the following
product number.
4468 8 0


Please specify the required quantity/length.
For the connections, a role is 15m long.


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